Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's been a while

Alright. I know. I haven't blogged for a while. I think life started to take over. So here is what I've been up to since I last blogged...


Scott and I started square-foot-gardening due to inspiration provided by Jen...and the pics she put up on her blog. This has been taking up a lot of my time while I figure out what to plant, how to plant it, and where to plant it. I only hope that all the time I've spent is not wasted. I keep dreaming that I'll have an amazing crop of tomatoes or eggplant or bell peppers. I can only wait in anticipation through the rest of the summer to see how it all plays out. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, I hate surprises. Truly. So this gardening thing is like a really bad joke in my world. More to come on this subject. :)

Alright, so I haven't really been that busy, but it feels like I have been. Getting Katie to and from school, keeping the house from going to ruins, and trying to read all the Harry Potter books again before that last book comes out seems to fill my plate nicely. One thing I'm really proud of are the hanging baskets that Scott and the kids planted for me for Mother's Day. One of the best presents I've ever gotten...and they're still alive! Anyway. Josh has been begging for my attention for the last ten minutes at least. Until next time...More pics to come.

Arlene :)

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