Thursday, October 9, 2008

We have a Rat

Yes, a bonefide a rat. As my dad would say..."Snake food." Here's how it went down. A month ago Katie got it in her head that she wanted a hamster. At this point in time Katie's room was a typical disaster. So I told her she had to keep her room clean for at least three weeks before I would even think about it, admittedly thinking there was no way she would do it. Wow. I was wrong. Not only did she clean her room of her own volition, but I didn't help her once, or even remind her. So, she really wanted the hamster. Three weeks later we were going to Pennsylvania and New York, so I was able to put off the inevitable conversation till a week later. But she was not to be dissuaded. Here we are, a week after our trip and she's been asking me every day when we're going to get her hamster. That being said, I want everyone to know that we did do some research on the matter so that she would be prepared, however, when we got to the store the sign on the cage said, "9 and up". Apparently hamsters are harder to take care of than originally thought. And mean. And easily lost. The people at the store recommended a rat and Katie was on board. Thus the rat...which has been on Katie's shoulder virtually all morning. But, before I forget, let it be mentioned that we had the rat barely three hours, when Katie accidentally let it loose in her room. At which point it hunkered down under Katie's dresser for me to coax out. It took me an hour. Here we go.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It Happened Again...

I opened my laptop to write, but after I logged in I saw I was already on gmail. So I answered some emails. Then I saw noticed I had another tab up which happened to be Netflix. Of course I had to check my queue and see the movies that are out right now. Aaaaannnd, the next thing I know I've wasted forty-five minutes doing absolutely nothing when I could have been doing something. Grrrr! I hate my computer and all other devices that keep my connected. Don't be alarmed if I turn them all off for a little while in the next couple of weeks. I need a break!