Thursday, July 5, 2007

Waiting for Harry Potter

You may have noticed that there are certain obsessions in my life. Currently Harry Potter is on top because the all-important final book is being released on July 21st. I can hardly stand myself. I've spent the past few weeks rereading the other books so that I can be completely caught up when I have the last book in my grubby little hands. Many of you think I'm nuts, but I also have my supporters. I know Donna shares my deep, Harry love. She, unlike me, will be waiting in a line somewhere at midnight on July 20th enjoying Muggle versions of pumpkin juice, cauldron cakes, and butterbeer and happily purchasing her copy of Deathly Hollows so she can read until 6 in the which time she will finish her copy and pass out. To her I say, I won't be getting my copy till it is delivered to my door the next afternoon. So eat a cauldron cake for me and don't tell me the ending. :)

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frizzlefry said...

I'm with you on the delivery option. I have already paid Amazon to put it on my doorstep.

I think we will get the other books on tape- which I hear are marvelous- and listen to them over the next few weeks. I just wish I had thought of it prior to spending 40-ish hours in the car. . .