Friday, May 18, 2007

Our First Backyard Campout

Here they are! My very brave campers. Adam and Grace slept in the house, but Katie and Josh slept in the tent and it was VERY windy. Josh came in half-way through the night and Scott and Katie stayed out till the wee hours of morning. I think the only reason Katie lasted so long was because she was high on marshmallows and chocolate...and then she crashed.

I love the pic of Scott. Of course, he built the fire. :)
Here's Katie looking very pleased! It didn't take her long to get cold!
The fireplace has been a lot fun. Only don't put it on your lawn like we did, unless you want to toast your grass (like we did).
Thanks for the family reunion t-shirts, Mom. The kids absolutely love them. They think its really funny when they both wear them on the same night.

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